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Roland’s Epic Adventures: The Kahala

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I, Roland M, am 9 years old, and this story is about when my family went to Oahu, (in Hawaii). We stayed at a hotel named The Kahala. And I have to say, it was great!! No lie. You can swim with dolphins! Not in the sea, but there at the Kahala! It’s called Dolphin Quest and you get to actually touch them and swim with them in the Dolphin Lagoon. (Plus if it’s your birthday you get to hug and kiss them).

There is a kei-ki club with a different activity every day! The day in I was there, we got to go fishing!!!!! And if you like fishing, they even have private fishing tours! We had a great guide that took us in a boat to a reef! He knew every-thing about fishing!!

Our room had a patio so close to the dolphins you could practically touch them!! And you get a flat-screen TV, with Netflix on it in your room!!!!!!!! Plus, you get a king sized bed!! I don`t know if you`ve been there, but for ME:  it was AWESOME!! THE KAHALA ROCKSSSSSSS!!

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