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March 2012: Where is Roland?

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Every month we are going to share a new photo from my travels. Guess where I am and you might win a cool new travel item. Think you know?

Every couple of days we will add a new clue to help you figure out where I am!

Clue #1: I am in the United States.
Clue #2: I am in the Pacific Northwest.
Clue #3: I am in Washington state.
Clue #4: I am in Seattle.


Think you know where I am? Fill out the form below and you could win AcousticSheep SleepPhones !

SleepPhones are like a bandana with speakers in them. They are awesome for road trips because they are really comfy. It’s just like wearing a headband, so if you want to lie down it doesn’t hurt like it does with big hard headphones.

If you think you know where I am fill out the form below!

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Roland’s Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour
Roland’s Epic Adventures: Belmont Park
Merced River in Wawona inside Yosemite National Park.
Roland’s Trip to Yosemite

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