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March 2012: Where is Roland?

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Every month we are going to share a new photo from my travels. Guess where I am and you might win a cool new travel item. Think you know?

Every couple of days we will add a new clue to help you figure out where I am!

Clue #1: I am in the United States.
Clue #2: I am in the Pacific Northwest.
Clue #3: I am in Washington state.
Clue #4: I am in Seattle.


Think you know where I am? Fill out the form below and you could win AcousticSheep SleepPhones !

SleepPhones are like a bandana with speakers in them. They are awesome for road trips because they are really comfy. It’s just like wearing a headband, so if you want to lie down it doesn’t hurt like it does with big hard headphones.

If you think you know where I am fill out the form below!

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Where is Roland?
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About the Author

  • Jeanne Knox

    I’m enjoying seeing all of your adventures, Roland. You can tell us more about them at the family reunion in July. That will be an adventure in itself, going to a farm in Iowa!!

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