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Fish Auction Images Pier 38

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The Hawaii Fish Auction is a one of a kind experience.  It’s a great peek into the commercial fishing world and where you can get up close to the auction action.

The day starts at 1:00 am. That’s when unloading begins, 6 days a week. But don’t worry you don’t  need to be there until much later! The fishing vessels are unloaded in order of arrival. Fish are weighed, tagged with the vessel name, displayed on pallets, and kept clean and cold. Before being offered for sale, each fish is carefully inspected by the United Fishing Agency staff to ensure fish quality and safety. Buyers arrive before the auction begins to inspect the day’s catch. By tradition, the auctioneer rings a brass bell at 5:30 am and the bidding begins.

For more details about the Pier 38 Fish Auction read this article Oahu Fish Auction, Sub-Ride and Catamaran Sail

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