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Roland M

Kid’s Travel Gear Review: Sleep Phone


SleepPhones are head-phones, but: NOT the ordinary kind! They’re basically a bandana with speakers that connects to your iPod! Have you ever been annoyed at your BIG UNCOMFORTABLE HEAD PHONES? Well, try the new AcousticSheep SLEEP PHONES!!! The BEST part is: they`re made of fleece! They’re great for ANY, any kind of trip!!! Plus, they prevent you from hearing SNORING parents (if the music is on!) If you get them,… Read More

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Roland’s Epic Adventures: Belmont Park


I, Roland M. will turn 10 years old this week and happen to live right next to Belmont Park! (in Mission Beach, California). It`s pretty cool! One, because it has about 9 rides (for all ages!), two, because it has like 5 outside games, three, because it has about 7 food stands, and four, because it has an indoor Arcade and laser tag!!! I’ve been there about 30 times and… Read More

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March 2012: Where is Roland?

Where is Roland?

Every month we are going to share a new photo from my travels. Guess where I am and you might win a cool new travel item. Think you know? Every couple of days we will add a new clue to help you figure out where I am! Clue #1: I am in the United States. Clue #2: I am in the Pacific Northwest. Clue #3: I am in Washington state…. Read More

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Roland’s Epic Adventures: The Kahala


I, Roland M, am 9 years old, and this story is about when my family went to Oahu, (in Hawaii). We stayed at a hotel named The Kahala. And I have to say, it was great!! No lie. You can swim with dolphins! Not in the sea, but there at the Kahala! It’s called Dolphin Quest and you get to actually touch them and swim with them in the Dolphin… Read More

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