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Category Archives: Portland

Food and Wine on Oregon’s Favorite Main Street


Nestled in the heart of Oregon wine country thrives the bucolic town of McMinnville, about 35 miles southwest of Portland. Historic downtown Third Street is dubbed “Oregon’s Favorite Main Street” for good reason. Third Street offers something for tourists and residents alike.

Spend a day ambling along sun-dappled sidewalks, admiring the maple trees leafed out in their summer glory as well as attractive store fronts. It’s easy to wile away the hours discovering Third Street’s gems.

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Portland’s Mississippi Avenue: Vibrant, Hip and Full of Fun


In every large American city, it’s easy to find the top tourist attractions. But to get the true texture of a city, you may need to do a little digging.

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Portland’s Best Spots for Brunch


Many cities pride themselves on a certain regional meal. Philadelphia has cheese steaks; New York has pizza; Seattle has Pan-Pacific fusion. We have brunch.

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Going Vegan in Eugene


Not far from Portland is a healthy town and one that Jack Kerouac hailed from. That town is called Eugene! On my Pacific Northwest road trip, we were told to stop in Eugene on our way home. Good thing we listened as there was much to grub on and I’m going to share all the info with you now!

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Family Fun in St. Johns


Most residents of Portland couldn’t tell you the best coffee in St. John’s. In fact, the old working-class neighborhood at the mouth of the Columbia feels like its own small town. Edged at the confluence of two rivers and popular with students from nearby University of Portland, St. John’s has a sleepy, uncommercial, workaday feel. Discovering this old Portland community can provide a day of active fun for the whole family.

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Oregon’s Dundee Hills: Wine Tasting at it’s Best


Oregon’s Dundee Hills in the central Willamette Valley is ground zero for the states famous pinot noir. With over thirty wineries and vineyards located across 2,000 acres, the area offers well-known producers like Erath and Argyle, cult wineries like Cameron and lots more offering stellar wines and all of this comes with phenomenal vineyard views.

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Gone to the Dogs: Get an Insider’s View of Sled Dog Racing in the Lower 48


Work dogs in pickup truck beds are an everyday sight in downtown Joseph, a ranching community in northeastern Oregon. But on January 13th, Main Street gets overrun with a whole different breed. That’s when over 100 sled dogs come to town for opening day of the Eagle Cap Extreme.

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Keep Portland Weird


Every city has a fringe, but Portland maintains an unusually visible odd streak. From a fiercely independent music scene to clowns riding tall bikes and marching bands on stilts, Portland prides itself on its quirky nature. Here are a few of the annual festivals that give the Rose City its unique atmosphere.

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Seaside: A Grab Bag of Family Fun


With its charming coastal homes, year round amusements, and lively ways to have fun, Seaside is a first rate family playground. Rain or shine it offers history that intrigues, shops to browse, and madcap activities that enthrall the young and the young at heart alike. Less than 100 miles from Portland, you arrive before anyone in the back seat asks "Mommy, Daddy, are we there yet?"

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